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Dream Cleans and Our Dream Team


Dream Cleans was Established in December 2014 by Benjamin Booth who has over 15 years of experience in Customer Services, Estate home cleaning, Hotel cleaning in the UK and General domestic cleaning and commercial cleaning.

We are not a franchise and pride in training our cleaners to the high standards in which we would expect from a cleaner to provide us (who are extremely fussy!)

As our business is growing we understand to keep the high standards we employ staff to maintain this unlike a lot of companies that manage by themselves.

''Dream Cleans'' has become known for its high reputation, we promise our clients what is achievable in the time allocated and for being fair to our cleaners and customers. We strive on offering 100% customer service.


Why choose Dream Cleans?

  • Every clean is fully insured  for your peace of mind.

  • All our cleaners are trained to clean to a Hotel standard. We strive in offering a Luxury service with value for money, if its from your chrome being shiny, your towels being tidied and we match a cleaner who we feel will best suit you as cleaning is very personal.

  • Our cleaners are only placed in properties we feel will be beneficial for our customers and we never place a cleaner unless we feel our feedback will be positive. (this can take a period of time as we will never place someone we don't feel suitable, We aim to match personality with property)

  • Holiday cover can normally be covered if required. (although sickness can not be guaranteed)

  • Regular contact is provided to you to ensure you are receiving the best service

  • Client specifications are completed & we ensure there is understanding in these specifications by joining the assigned cleaner on there first visit if deemed appropriate and every client has different requirements.

  • Every cleaner is reference checked, we obtain 2 proofs of identifications and meet the cleaner in their home , we are also very particular on the cleaners we take on to represent our company (cleaners can clean but we need to like them and see them presentable and if we would feel them comfortable cleaning our properties).

  • You receive the same cleaner every week at the same time and day

  • No upfront fees (we disagree with companies who you have to pay 3 months in advance!  We are so confidence you will be happy we ask for no fee's in advance

  • No Need to speak to the cleaner, If the cleaner ever misses a item just let us know and we will take care of this.

  • Cleaners ''come and go'' we cant control this ! we ensure we will always have a replacement cleaner ready to take over those menacing chores!

  • flexible - Dishwasher emptying, hanging washing on the line, interior window cleaning we are flexible with your client plan and build it to how you like. (we will on our initial meet inform you recommended hours) This is by your choice if you take these hours although we will always be realistic with the timing in what can be done.

  • Extremely Honest company, We have all had large companies give us excuses and we pride on being upfront and honest with our customers. 

  • Our aim is to make your life as easy as possible, if you need help in any other chores we will go the extra mile to meet your needs (Dishwasher emptying, washing put on the line)

  • We provide a online store with products highly recommended by ourselves

  • We are not a Franchise and a independent company and have a passion for the industry

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